Care & Instructions

Teomati Sacred Copal incense sticks are long-lasting and made out of copal resin. This means that each stick can last around five times more than a regular scented incense stick. Please do not leave Teomati sticks unattended while burning.

Thank you for being part of the Teomati family!

Burning & Care instructions

  • Use matches or a lighter and leave the flame at the end of the stick for about 5 seconds until the tip burns.
  • Leave the tip of the stick flaming for another 5 seconds then blow it off.
  • If necessary, repeat the first two steps once or twice.
  • Be very careful of burning copal resin.
  • Make sure ashes fall in a proper recipient (incense holder, shell, etc.).
  • When done put the stick out.
  • Reuse or let it all burn at once.
  • Copal resin does not have an expiration date.
  • Keep in a dry place away from children.
  • Enjoy!


Our sticks are *not* artificially scented ,they are lovingly handcrafted using copal resin, charcoal (to keep resin burning), and alcohol as binder.