Teomati’s love of copal celebrates the Earth, Life, and the Original traditions of the Americas, along with their essential teachings for our troubled times.

Our commitment is to make the healing, connective benefits of copal available to all, one handcrafted stick at a time.

Use copal’s white smoke to relax, cleanse, and create sacred space, or as support for your contemplative practice.

What is copal?

Copal is the “blood” or sap of trees from the Burseraceae family that hardens when in contact with the air. Variously considered an ally, teacher, ancestor, and deity, copal has a long history of use, playing a key role in rituals, offerings, festivities, and cleanses.

When burned, the sacred copal produces a cleansing white smoke traditionally believed to serve as a connecting thread between the worlds, between Heaven and Earth.

Indigenous Reciprocity

Our experience of copal as teacher and ally guides our commitment to cultural and ecological regeneration.

As you generously support Teomati, you’re contributing to the wellbeing of indigenous communities in México, their cultural sovereignty, and the protection of their territories.



Teomati Sacred Copal brings you genuine, handcrafted copal resin in stick form from the mountains of Mexico since 2011.