About Teomati

Teomati Sacred Copal’s story is a love story. Adrián, the founder, grew up in close acquaintance with the cleansing, protective, and guiding effects of copal in Mexico and was eager to bring the sacred incense in his travels to share with friends. Then, traditional knowledge and alchemical wonders made possible for the copal resin to be handcrafted into stick form without sacrificing its quality and beneficial properties, making the sticks ideal for sharing copal’s gifts. With the help of friends and family, Teomati’s sticks began to travel beyond close friends’ circles to be increasingly enjoyed by more people. The love of copal as a teacher and ally remains as the chief inspiration to bring the white, healing smoke to all. 

In particular, Teomati’s love of copal celebrates the amazing value of the Earth-based traditions of the Americas. Whenever a copal stick is lit and the white smoke accompanies a prayer, a healing session, a word spoken from the heart, a tear shed or a reconnective ritual, the wisdom kept by the native cultures of the Americas serves as a protective and guiding vessel.

As evidence suggests, there was hardly any Mesoamerican ritual, ceremony or offering were copal was not present (see the History of Copal section for further info). Following this impulse, Teomati’s commitment is to make the benefits of copal available to all.

Teomati is inspired to facilitate a relaxing, cleansing, and reconnecting experience with the Great Mystery. Soothing and cleansing body and mind, connecting worlds, thinning veils, awakening the heart, representing the sacred—these are some of the essential qualities of copal. Experience the presence of the Great Mystery with Teomati Sacred Copal.

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